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University Augmented Reality Project

This was a 4th-year university project, designed to run on the PS Vita, the game uses augmented reality (AR) to play through different levels varying in difficulty. The theme of the game was halloween, the player is given a certain number of pumpkins (targets) and they can point the device at those targets and shoot candles that will carve and light them, aim of the game was to carve all the pumpkins in the level within a certain time. For the augmenting, the program uses marker-tracking and scene-mapping to track the real-world space in front of the camera.

This was a super exciting opportunity to work with new devices and new toolkits (the VitaSDK) that I hadn't used before which was intimidating at first but soon got the hang of and became easier to understand and use. This project gave a solid stepping stone for scene-mapping and marker-tracking augmented reality applications. 

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