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Rocket SQUAD

Personal Team Project

This was a collaboration project with another programmer and various artists. Made using the Unity game engine, combined with the Mirror networking and Steamworks API, this is a multiplayer 3 vs 3 team-based battle game. Each team control their own ship, and each member of the team controls a specific component in the ship, the players have to work together to navigate around the map and eliminate the enemy ship. Some of the ship components include a cockpit, radar, shields and weapon systems as well as various other bonus systems.

My role in this project was to develop early prototypes for the gameplay and different ship systems, as the project developed, my role transitioned into audio programming where I implemented a reusable manager system used to easily add and use audio in the game. This project was by far one of my favourite team projects to undertake, it provided an excellent opportunity to work alongside a fellow programmer and take decisions as a team to benefit the final product. The finished game was then published on the Steam market, link to the game is provided below.

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