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Rough Justice:'84

Studio - Gamma Minus UG

In this single-player board game-inspired strategy game, solve puzzles and use dice and cards to successfully run your private security agency. Advise your agents as they deal with security, fugitive recovery, repossession cases, and more. Hire freelance agents to help complete cases! Every case has different requirements and with a wide variety of agents to choose from, finding the right agent for the case is essential. To root out the cancer gnawing at the city, use all the power and resources available to you: from your agents and era-accurate surveillance technology to friends in high places.

Joined the studio as a junior gameplay developer in Nov 2021 and became the lead programmer in Feb 2022. This project provided a great experience to improve my skillset with the Unreal engine and the C++ programming language.

The project was also showcased in Devcom and Gamescom, which gave me the opportunity to network and explore in Cologne 2022.

Out of the dozen, these are some of the few accolades received: 

Won the Nordic Game Discovery Contest Qualifier (April '22)

Selected as an Epic MegaGrant recipient (May '22)

Selected to participate in the Steam Next Fest, Indie Game Fest, WN Dev Contest (June '22)

Winner of the Indie Cup Unreal Engine Award (August '22)

Selected as an exhibitor for the Devcom NRW Indie Expo 2022 (August '22)

Selected to participate in the Pitch It! Devcom event (August '22)

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